Even if "Forskrift om kraftomsetning og nettjenester" §4-2f says AMS should "kunne sende og motta informasjon om kraftpriser og tariffer", AFAIC none of the Norwegian power companies sends spotprices to customers AMS. Tibber has an API its paying customers can use, and Nordpool has Norwegian day-ahead prices available for the ridiculous price of €900/year. ENTSO-E provides day-ahead prices free of charge for registered users. To help home-automation, I have made a few utilities that fetches spotprices from ENTSO-E and publishes these as SVG and as MQTT topics.



For SVG graphs, you can find today spotprices in Euro and Norwegian Kroner, and tomorrow spotprices (updated around 1400UTC) in Euro and Norwegian Kroner



There are also quite a few Grafana dashboards available. The most useful are probably current spotprice in Euro and Norwegian Kroner, but you can also see what are cheap and what are expensive hours for Oslo, Kristiansand, Trondheim, Tromsø and Bergen, and exchange rate Euro vs Norwegian Kroner is also available.



For home automation, there are also quite a lot of MQTT topics you can subscribe to.


The code behind this is available at github. Server is running in Amazon EC2, and there is a Munin status page.